Our story

We're a people-based business. How we go about our day-to-day work leaves a lasting impression on the people with whom we interact.

Critical to our success is the delivery of a seamless and consistently exceptional customer experience across all our businesses, helping us to build great connections with people.

We keep our promises and our shared values to make life in Tasmania an enriching experience not only for our customers but all of our stakeholders in our everyday activities.

When we’re recruiting people to join our team, we’re seeking those who have the personal values, motivation and vibrancy to support us in making this part of the way we do things every day.

Our Purpose

We support the lives of Tasmanians.

Our Vision

To have a valued relationship with every Tasmanian.

What we want to achieve

To achieve our vision we must be consistent in the value and the proposition we deliver for our members. Like a trusted friend, our members must be able to rely on us and be confident of what they can expect in every interaction. This must be consistent across every activity, advocacy initiative and business line that bears our brand.

Interested in working for us?

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