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How to drive safely this winter

Drivers need to be cautious in icy conditions as Tassie’s wintry weather kicks in. Low light, poor visibility, black ice and other road hazards can cause many dangers on our roads.

What does 'drive to the conditions' mean?

Adjust your speed for the weather and/or road conditions, this means you may need to drive below the speed limit.

Don't drive through water across the roads - you don't know what's underneath.

What is 'black ice' and how do I anticipate it?

Black ice occurs when a thin sheet of ice forms over a hard surface, usually around dawn or late evening.

It's almost transparent and therefore difficult to spot, hence its name.

Be especially careful in shaded or tree-covered roadways due to lack of sunlight and on bridges and overpasses as they can freeze more quickly.

What do I do if my car slides?

The basic rule is to stay calm and let your vehicle pass over it. Don't hit the brakes or over-steer.

Keep your steering wheel steady and lift your foot off the accelerator.

What do I do if visibility is poor?

Use your air conditioner to prevent your windscreen from fogging up.

Drive with your lights on and keep a safe following distance to the vehicle in front.

When driving in fog, don’t put your lights on high beam as this makes the road harder to see. Instead use low beam, as this keeps the light on the road, and use fog lamps if the conditions are bad enough.

If visibility is so limited that you can’t see the edges of the road or other vehicles at a safe distance, pull over and wait for the conditions to ease.