2020 - 2021 Budget Priorities

We're looking to move Tasmania into the future. 

We're committed to supporting and furthering the interests of Tasmanians and we do this through a comprehensive program of consultation, education, awareness and public advocacy.

Our advocacy and public policy activity is defined by a series of policy documents developed and endorsed by our Advocacy Committee and our Board.

The below policies have been informed by history, experience, statistical analysis, consultation, industry knowledge and our members.

Keeping Tasmanians safe on and around our roads

Our aim is to reduce the state’s road toll and lower the impact of serious injury in keeping with the benchmarks outlined by federal and state governments.

Our priorities are detailed in our policy document Tasmanian Road Futures and summarised in this submission.

Creating a sustainable future

We are committed to ensuring that Tasmania’s future transport options provide better health and well-being outcomes for our community.

Progressing Tasmania's future mobility

We want Tasmania to be prepared for the future through delivery of cleaner, more efficient transport methods such as autonomous and electric vehicles, and provide for safe, separated infrastructure for bikes and pedestrians. You can read more in our Electric Vehicle Charging Vision.

Moving us into the future


To support these policies, we're asking the government to focus on these budget priorities:

  1. Infrastructure and policies that keep Tasmanians and visitors safe on our roads.

  2. Affordable transport costs to improve Tasmanian liveability.

  3. A framework that supports long-term planning across interconnected Tasmanian communities.

  4. Mobility projects that set Tasmania up for a more sustainable future.

To read more about us, our vision and each budget priority download our budget priorities booklet.