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Community Education

We work all over the state to teach you and your loved ones about road safety.

We’re committed to keeping you safe.

The road is always changing. It’s also challenging in different ways on different days. We have experts that would love to come and present interactive workshops to your school, group or team. 

Primary School

YIPPEE! with RACT is our story time program, designed to introduce basic road safety concepts to children up to the age of 6. We recognise the lessons our children learn now can help guide their behaviour as they grow. We developed YIPPEE! to encourage children to think about safe ways to travel in the car and when crossing the road.

Children will experience a group reading of YIPPEE! in the classroom and will hear all about a fun family road trip. Each student will then get to take home their own copy of our rhyming storybook to share with their family.

Register here for YIPPEE! with RACT and we can visit your Launch into Learning group, kindergarten or prep class for story time.

RACT RoadSafe is for primary school teachers to explore road safety with students. Being a first in Tasmania, this online resource has a range of different learning tools. It gives grade 3 and 4 students the opportunity to check road rules, learn more about road safety and helps the school identify any knowledge gaps. 

Students are given a unique username and password to access the program. They can then complete quizzes, watch videos and access games. Teachers are given access to a separate dashboard which gives them an overview of their class's progress. From this they can look for areas that need more attention.

Teachers, if you're interested in RACT RoadSafe for your school, you can register here to make a booking or enquiry. You're also welcome to explore additional resources on the primary school hub in our learning centre.

High School

Ready for the road is an interactive education session suitable for students in grade 10, 11 or 12. It outlines the processes of getting your licence and changes that will be introduced to the graduated licensing program. It sparks discussion with students about safe driving tips, vehicle safety and other factors to consider when owning a vehicle, such as insurance.  

Distracted driving is a practical driving course for grade 10, 11 or 12 students that simulates real life distractions when behind the wheel of our dual controlled driver training car. This course is supported by professional driver trainers and allows students to gain an understanding of the dangers of texting when driving, wearing vision impairment goggles to simulate driving under the influence and travelling with passengers. Distracted driving is accompanied by our classroom presentation Ready for the road.

Keys2drive information session is designed for learner drivers, or soon-to-be learner drivers, in grades 10, 11 or 12, and their parent/guardian. This session is also interactive and focuses on how to approach learning to drive. It covers the stages of getting your licence, road rules, exercises to practice that can enhance driving ability, how a learner driver should approach learning to drive and how a supervising driver can best support them in their learning. 

If you'd like one of these programs delivered at your school, register here to make a booking or enquiry. You're also welcome to explore additional resources on the high school hub in our learning centre.

Staying Mobile

Has it been a while since you and your friends started driving? Well, these sessions are for the young-at-heart.

Years Ahead: Misunderstood Road Rules explores road rules that are commonly misunderstood by Tasmanian drivers. Would you be surprised to hear that road rules for roundabouts, intersections and indicating make the list?

If you're part of a seniors group or club and interested in one or both of our sessions, register here to make a booking or enquiry. You can also explore our staying mobile hub where you will find how to prolong your driving years, stay safe on the road and test your road rules knowledge.

This road safety initiative is proudly supported by the Tasmanian Government.

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