Older Drivers

We offer a number of workshops to help with comfort and confidence for our older drivers.

 Service updates 

  • We're currently taking bookings for workshops from July 1 2020. Your group or club can register here.

  • In the mean time, our staying mobile hub has plenty of tips and advice to help you stay safe on the road.

For more information on our service disruptions as COVID-19 evolves, please see how we're responding.


Years Ahead

Years Ahead is an interactive presentation designed for seniors groups and clubs. We have two presentations on offer.

Then, Now and Into the Future is a great opportunity to look at how far we've come and discuss safe driving tips. We'll look at the importance of choosing a safe vehicle and being physically fit to drive.

Misunderstood Road Rules explores road rules that are commonly misunderstood by Tasmanian drivers. Would you be surprised to hear that road rules for roundabouts, intersections and indicating make the list? 

If you're part of a seniors group or club, register here to make a booking or enquiry.

Become CarFit

CarFit is a free workshop designed for older drivers. It provides advice and information on how you and your car can 'fit' together. This will increase safety and comfort. We'll even have a qualified Occupational Therapist with us. Our experts will go through a checklist with the driver about their car.

What do we check?

  • If you’re at a safe distance from the steering wheel.

  • If your mirrors are adjusted to minimise your car’s blind spots.

  • If your seatbelt is fitted correctly and comfortably.

  • If your head restraint is adjusted to protect against whiplash in a crash.

The process takes less than half an hour and is free of charge. Please note this is not an assessment of an individual's driving ability. Register for Carfit here.

Driver training refresher

Would you like to feel more confident on the road? We offer licensed driver appraisals for all ages and stages of driving in Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie. These will help you stay up-to-date and refresh your lifelong driving skills. Our highly qualified driver trainers will guide you through an informal lesson. They’ll answer all your questions and share safe driving tips.

Build your driving skill set and strengthen your road sense with correct driving habits. All while staying on top of road rule changes.

To make a booking, call 1300 761 429.

Your health and driving

As you get older, your driving skills can be affected. If involved in a crash, the risk of injury is higher and recovery periods longer.

Physical activity will help maintain muscle strength and give you flexibility. As obvious as this sounds, we often forget how much exercise can benefit us. Exercising the mind is equally important. It sharpens your visual and mental skills.

Want more information on maintaining health and wellbeing while driving? Download our Five Tips for driving wellness brochure.

Choosing a safe car

It's crucial when buying a car to consider safety features. You want it to protect you against serious or life-threatening injuries if involved in a crash.

ANCAP (Australasian New Car Assessment Program) conducts independent crash tests and safety assessments. Most vehicles on Australian roads have been assessed and assigned a star rating (one star being the worst and five star being the safest. With some really easy research, you can choose a safe car over others, even if you’re looking at a used car. Get your ANCAP car rating.