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Advocating change

Road Safety Week 2022

For this years' National Road Safety Week, we want to raise awareness about the importance of road safety in an effort to influence year-round behaviour. 

There is no greater evidence that Tasmania needs to focus on improving road safety than the fact that 26 people have died on our roads so far this year, compared with 10 at the same time last year. 

National Road Safety Week is a great opportunity to drive the discussions we need to have and get people thinking about how to be safer behind the wheel. 

Road safety is everyone’s business. Every day, drivers risk not only their lives, but the lives of other road users by ignoring the safety message. 

Other states and countries have delivered better outcomes in their actions to reduce road trauma than we have in Tasmania.

The Legislative Council Select Committee report into Road Safety in Tasmania must be the blueprint for a new approach to cutting death and serious injury on Tasmania’s roads.

This committee was formed because the upper house knew there needed to be a new way of thinking and acting on road safety, and it has the evidence before it to be the foundation for action. 

We all need to work together to ensure Tasmania moves from being the state with the worst road trauma record to being the best.

What is Road Safety Week?

Learn more about our focus for Road Safety Week and how you can 'take the pledge' to become a safer driver.