Primary school students building guitars
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The power of music

Music is a powerful thing. We can express ourselves, get creative, learn something new and work with others.

Everyone deserves the chance to pick up an instrument and give it a go. And Risdon Vale Primary School has a guitar program that's helping kids do just that.

Run through Bridgewater PCYC, the program is for students who are having a tough time at school. During the sessions, they learn how to read music, play songs, build, paint and care for guitars.

"It's about student engagement and retention, social skills and confidence," Bridgewater PCYC volunteer Kryssy Bell said.

They fix broken guitars and re-home them with students who don't have instruments to practice on. Some students just focus on learning how to play. And they're flying through the lessons, with Kryssy having to teach them up to seven songs per lesson.

"When they can play an instrument, it gives them a positive way to contribute into society," Kryssy said.

"They need artistic outlets to express themselves.

"It helps them deal with their own issues as they go through teenage years."

To add to the program, Kryssy bought some D.I.Y ukulele kits through our Community Fund. The students are having a blast giving them their own creative spin.

"Programs like this don't operate unless there are people that want to put the funding in," Kryssy said.

"These causes are beneficial for the community as well as the students."

We recently caught up with Kryssy and the kids during one of their guitar-building sessions. Check out the video below to find out more about the program. 

We've also announced the recipients from the latest round of our Community Fund. We're so excited to see their community projects come to life.

The power of music at Risdon Vale Primary