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Partner marketing opportunities

We have a range of marketing channels we use to help promote our member rewards programs and the savings on offer to members. Here's a look at some of our channels, some of which incur additional costs that can be discussed.

Our Journeys magazine

Journeys is our bi-monthly magazine which is sent to 118,000 households across Tasmania and has a reach of approximately 175,000 people making it the most read Tasmanian magazine. There are opportunities to buy ad space in our magazine, more information is available at Journeys advertising. We also have a digital version of this magazine which is sent to approximately 97,000 members state-wide.

Our email marketing

We have over 100,000 members subscribed to our email marketing with an average open rate of 30%, which is above industry standards. We have two eDMs - eNews which is monthly and a Member Rewards eDM which is interest or time of year based (e.g. Father’s Day). We also have the capacity to run different promotions for different areas e.g. North / South or age groups.

Our website

As a partner, you'll have a presence on our website. Whether it's a dedicated web page or listing will depend on what level partnership you have with us. Our website attracts around 71,000 sessions per month with an average duration of 2.19 and number of pages per session average of 2.58*.

Our Member Hub

Member Hub is our online platform where members can login and check products details and see how much they have saved to date through the rewards program. The home pages also features content stories, news and promotional articles which can be utilised for our partners. There are more than 18,000 members directly engaged on our Member Hub.

Our social media

We have 19,966 Facebook followers, 3,379 followers on Instagram and 3,348 followers on Twitter*. We can offer both paid and organic posts to promote your business and welcome a conversation about this.

Internal communications

We have around 500 employees state-wide who all have access to our internal intranet site where news articles, promotions and launches can be distributed. This number increases to around 700 employees during the summer periods when our destinations properties have more staff.

If you need any more information or help, please email us and we'll get in touch. 

*As at 1 Feb 2021.