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We started our member rewards program to allow us to partner with businesses that have something to offer our members. We'll help to promote your business and provide insights obtained from tracking and campaign activity. 

As it stands we currently feature over 60 partners and have more than 200,000 members across the state.


To become a rewards partner, you would need to offer an ongoing (always-on) discount or value add to our members that is best in market.

We also require data tracking through our partner, Australian Motoring Service (AMS), so that we can report back to our members their savings and provide our partners’ and ourselves with valuable insights into take-up rates, engagement, etc.

Annual fee.

There is also an annual fee to join the program as a rewards partner, which would be invoiced upon the signing of a contract. If you’d like to talk about other options (such as payment with contra, vouchers, competition prizes etc.) we’re more than open to this and welcome the conversation.

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