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Staying social

We all know word of mouth works, so what better way to get the news out there than on social? If you're on Facebook or Instagram and you'd like us to share your content with our followers, see our 'how to' steps below.

Please note we may save this information for a certain day based on our social media strategies and what's going on in the business but we'll be sure to get to it. If it is a timely offer, for example a weekend deal, we'll keep this in mind too.

How to do it.

If you're a frequent poster yourself, you can simply tag us in any post or story. Here are our handles:

  • Facebook - @RACTOfficial

  • Instagram - @ractofficial

  • Twitter - @RACTOfficial

Need some help?

If you're new or don't quite have social covered yet, we can help you with that as well. Send us along some images and we can pop them up. We'll also tag you so you can share them easily as well.

Here's some things to note if you're sending them through to us:

  • Make sure they're in portrait orientation (taken with your phone upright instead of sideways);

  • Let us know the context - is it a product on sale or someone enjoying an activity? etc;

  • How our members are rewarded with you; and

  • Your social handles so we can tag you.

If you need any more information or help, please email us and we'll get in touch.