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Puzzle results

Here are the answers to the crossword puzzle in the Oct/Nov 2021 issue of Journeys. 


1. Flabby, 4. Spectral, 10. Namatjira, 11. Tie-up, 12. Amass, 13. Halloween, 14. Indulge, 16. Page, 19. Isle, 21. Pinkeye, 24. MacKillop, 25. Tiger, 26. Adieu, 27. Ownership, 28. Tempests, 29. Noggin. 

Down: 1. Fantasia, 2. Arm candy, 3. Bates, 5. Phar Lap, 6. Cotton gin, 7. Reefer, 8. Lupine, 9. Richie, 15. Lassitude, 17. Hedgehog, 18. Terrapin, 20. Elliott, 21. Piping, 22. Umlaut, 23. Schism, 25. Torso. 

Here are the answers to our road safety quiz in the Oct/Nov 2021 issue of Journeys. 

  1. What is the highest mountain in Tasmania? 

    Answer: Mt Ossa

  2. What year did Cyclone Yasi hit North Queensland? 

    Answer: 2011

  3. What make and model is the General Lee?  

    Answer: Dodge Charger

  4. What are the names of the two major public senior secondary schools in Launceston? 

    Answer: Newstead College and Launceston College

  5. Which Australian Prime Minister disappeared at sea? 

    Answer: Harold Holt

  6. What is the largest sand island in the world? 

    Answer: Fraser Island

  7. What is the name of the Tasmanian Yacht Race that usually takes place at Easter every year? 

    Answer: Three Peaks Race 

  8. Retired Australian thoroughbred racehorse, Black Caviar, was undefeated in how many races? 

    Answer: 25

  9. In what year did Neighbours begin airing in Australia? 

    Answer: 1985

  10. What were the names of the ships that Abel Tasman commanded? 

    Answer: Heemskerck and Zeehaen