Couple sitting at lake

Beaker Street Sci Art Walks

If virtual events are bringing you down, perhaps it's time to switch off your screen and tune in to the natural environment just beyond your doorstep.

The team behind Beaker Street Festival has turned their attention to an entirely new project: Sci Art Walks – a series of scientific audio talks paired with nature walks around the state and original music composed and performed by local musicians. It's truly a project by Tasmanians, for Tasmanians. 

Learn how Tasmanian scientists are developing a world-first vaccine to save Tasmanian devils from Devil Facial Tumour Disease while exploring Cradle Mountain, or ponder the effects of climate change on our marine species at Freycinet National Park.

Hear from prominent scientists, cultural figures and accomplished musicians while discovering (or rediscovering) stunning nature walks in every corner of the state.

Whether you choose to take the suggested walk or listen from your preferred location, you'll be transported to a world of natural beauty and scientific intrigue, set to original music inspired by the location and topic. It’s the perfect companion for your next Tassie adventure. 

The full series of Sci Art Walks are available now.