Kids looking in the cookie jar at Christmas.
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12 days of Christmas gifting

Thank you to everyone who entered our recent Christmas comp and sent through amazing go-to gift ideas. We've got the top 12 ideas below, as brought to us by you.

Day 1

Members suggested either having a destination Christmas with family, or sending loved ones on a getaway.

Day 2

The second most submitted idea was simply doing things with loved ones.

Be it shouting them for lunch or meeting at a park for a picnic, the gift of time was the theme here.

Day 3

Christmas spirit.

Ideas here included things such as Christmas ornaments, candles and puddings. It also included charitable gifts, such as donations to charity or gift appeals in another’s name.

Day 4


Everyone loves an experience that creates great memories, so it’s not surprising to see this go-to gift in your top 12.

Ideas included tickets to foodie delights, cruises and attractions. As well as movie tickets and escape room vouchers.

Day 5

We make some of the world’s best so it’s no surprise Tassie drinks made the list.

Your next suggestions included a good local wine, wine-tours and a bottle of whiskey or gin.

Day 6

Choose your own adventure.

When you’re not sure what to buy, giving a voucher to a loved one’s favourite place is a winner. Other voucher ideas included were for travel and massage, something people rarely treat themselves to.

Send some Tasmanian goodies.
Give the gift of an experience.
Choose a destination themed gift.

Day 7

Just over the halfway mark and next up we have a good ol’ box of chocolates.

We all love a treat and you told us to grab some from Anvers, Nutpatch, Cadbury or Coal River.

Day 8

Tassie made.

Supporting our local businesses by buying some local cheeses, jams or rubs if you’re after a foodie gift. Or something specially made like Huon pine coasters in the shape of Tasmania – these would be especially popular for those missing Tassie.

Day 9

Continuing on from day 8, your suggestions included grabbing a few things and popping them in a hamper.

Make sure you grab something the whole family will enjoy. Some suggestions were to include something tasty, something practical and something fun.

Day 10

Your suggestion for day 10 is games to entertain the household.

You could grab a range of board games, a subscription to a gaming platform or an outdoor game for all.

Day 11

Homemade gifts.

Ideas included hand made soaps and chopping boards as well as baked treats such as cookies, cakes and spreads. Think handy things that people will enjoy knowing you’ve made with love.

Day 12

The last idea to make your top 12 was our products and services. You can buy travel or driving lesson vouchers, or even gift someone our roadside for peace of mind. Many of you even suggested paying your children’s insurance so you know they’re covered.