Running shoes
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How are your shoes travelling?

Did you know your sports shoes need a health check too? The team at Intersport give us their tips so you know what to look for.

If you've been focused on improving your health with regular walking or running this year, you'll already know that your sports shoes are your best friend and partner in your activities.

Most modern sports shoes will start to wear out after 500-700kms depending on your individual wear pattern.

Here are a few tips from Intersport on how to check their wear and make sure they're doing more good than harm.

Look closely for wrinkles and creases in the foam midsole that sits under your foot. This can be the first part of the shoe to break down and will reduce cushioning and support.

  • Check the bottom of your shoe for the rubber wear pattern. Look if they are worn through to the foam or are wearing mainly on one side.

  • Undoing your shoe's laces when taking them off will keep your heel secured and reduce the chance of rubbing.

  • A great fit is important. If you have to tie your laces tightly your shoe may be too wide for your foot. Alternately, if the mesh is wearing out across the front of your foot the shoe may be too narrow.

We recommend visiting your local Intersport store with your existing shoes for a quick analysis and advice on what will keep you and your feet happy.