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How much are you saving?

When you buy insurance or roadside with us you automatically become a member. We've seen members rack up lots of savings with our rewards program. Are you accessing all the great benefits you’re entitled to and saving as much as you can?

There’s something for everyone.

The kids will love bowling, movie tickets and burgers. While the grown up members of the family will get a kick out of car-related discounts and reno supplies. Or how about relaxing with a spa treatment or dinner with friends?

Before Christmas and special events, make sure you check where you can save on presents or places to celebrate.

During the holidays you can access discounts on wildlife park passes and accommodation, meaning you can fit more in for less.

Don’t take our word for it, here are some numbers*.

  • This year 103,017 members have saved $3.27m with member rewards.

  • That’s a massive 45% of members using their cards to save. In fact you’ve shown your cards in over 1.15m transactions.

  • On average members are using their cards to save five times a year. If you’re saving regularly, this can really add up over the year.

So, who are you saving with? Here are your top places.

  • United Petroleum

  • Repco

  • Accommodation at Freycinet Lodge, Cradle Mountain Hotel and Strahan Village

  • Snooze

  • I Want Energy

  • 1st Energy

  • Woolworths WISH Gift Cards

  • Movie tickets

What does this mean in a practical sense?

  • The average Tasmanian household spends $153 a week on groceries. If you pre-buy a Woolworths Store eGift for this value, it would cost you $146.88 with your 4% member discount. Multiply your $5.60 saving by 52 and you get $318.24 back in your pocket each year.

  • The average vehicle in Tassie uses 1566 litres of fuel per year on average. Filling up at United and getting a 6c per litre discount means a savings of $93.96 per year.

  • It’s hard to gauge the average cost of car maintenance as every car is different but on average our members save $23.08 when shopping at Repco. So if you’re heading in and buying your oil, wipers and any other car parts you need, this will soon add up.

  • Need a new car seat? Members save 5% on seats when buying with us which can equal up to $30 depending on the seat you buy. Plus, we'll also fit it for free saving you another $40.

  • Heading to the east coast for a romantic weekend? Book in at Freycinet Lodge and you’ll save 25% as a member. Based on a price of $269 per night for a one room cabin including breakfast, you could grab this for $403.50 at member prices. That’s a whopping $134.50 off. Spoil yourself by taking in Wineglass Bay via the Sky Lounge on a Pennicott Wilderness Journey with Experience Oz and there’s another $25 each in savings. You’ve now saved $184.50 this trip. That’s not even counting petrol you might get at United and road trip snacks at Woollies.

And these are only a few ideas.

How can you remember to save?

  • Our first tip is to always have your card on you. If you don’t have your physical card, you won’t be able to optimise your savings.

  • Before you shop online, check if we offer any discounts at checkout and use the right code to ensure you save.

  • If you know how much you regularly spend on groceries, buy your vouchers on pay day and have them in your inbox. This could help with the budgeting as well.

  • Do your homework. Another place might offer something cheaper but with your discount you just might end up on top.

  • If you’re not sure, you could always ask or look around for a point of sale sign showing our logo.

  • Keep an eye on our Current Promotions page for special hot offer deals to save even more.

  • Don’t forget we’re updating partners all the time, so check back regularly to make sure you know how you can save.

  • Make sure you’re being rewarded as a member and unlocking all the benefits you can. Check out our pages regularly for new updates and specials.

*Based on partners who track with us and share spend information. All data and prices used correct as at 25 February 2022.