Red sedan being washed by hand
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Sparkling clean

Whether it's a classic or simple run-about, every car deserves a good clean every now and then.


  1. If possible, park your car in the shade and on a grassed area. This will help stop any soapy water or cleaning products from going into the stormwater drain. 

  2. Work from the top to the bottom of your car, that way you don't have to wash the bottom twice.

  3. Refill your bucket with clean water and more car wash regularly so you’re not using dirty water.

  4. Start by putting the recommended amount of car wash into your bucket and fill with water. Loosen the dirt with either a hose or a pressure hose if you’ve got one.

  5. Next, wash your car one panel at a time and rinse each one as you go so you don't get streaks. Try not to scrub too hard as contaminants and grit can get caught in your cleaning product and scratch your paint. Remember to keep changing your washing solution to keep it clean.

  6. Now rinse your whole car with a steady stream of water and then you’re ready to dry. Use a chamois or microfibre towel to dry every panel from top to bottom and Bob’s your uncle, you've got a sparkling clean car.

If you’re feeling super inspired, you can now start on the inside!

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