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Travel hot spots for 2019

Tasmanians are keen travellers and our team loves creating amazing itineraries. Stuck on where to go next? Here are our top destinations for 2019.

Team Burnie

ITALY: The amazing historical buildings, getting lost in cobblestone streets to find hidden boutiques, delicious food and great coastlines to enjoy the European summer.

Team Ulverstone

VIETNAM: Natural beauty and exquisite beaches, mouth-watering cuisine and compelling French influenced history – a must-do destination.

Team Launceston

GEORGIA (and we don't mean USA!): A great destination for those who have ‘done Europe’, its location on the Silk Road means that it has a wonderfully rich history and is culturally just that little bit different. Really though, the main reason is the incredible scenery that changes from arid, rocky expanses to sweeping mountain scenery and deep green gorges.

Team Devonport

SINGAPORE: A cosmopolitan city perfect for long stays and stopovers with a unique blend of cultures, colours and excitement. Offers something for everyone from the bustling city to the relaxed beaches of Sentosa Island.

Team Rosny

SCANDINAVIA: For those that have already done the standard European countries and are ready to explore a little further. Countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland are a very safe option for Australians to visit.

Team Murray St, Hobart

SRI LANKA: So well-priced to both travel to and once you get there, direct flights from Melbourne, nice beaches, amazing food, friendly people and beautiful scenery. It’s truly an all-round destination.

Team Kingston

JAPAN: Direct flights from both Melbourne and Sydney, fantastic rail network to get around, hospitable culture, great food scene and the best cherry blossom viewing in the world. And for all those sports lovers, Japan will host the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and the Olympics in 2020.

Team Cruise Travel Centre Hobart

EUROPEAN RIVER CRUISING: While the traditional 15-day Amsterdam to Budapest is still popular, think further afield to some of the lesser-known rivers such as the Volga in Russia, the Duoro in Portugal and the Rhone in France for your next river cruise.